Smart Rugby

SmartRugby is an occupational health and safety program for Australia’s Rugby participants. It is a compulsory minimum requirement for every coach and referee participating in Rugby where there is a tackling component.

SmartRugby is mandatory, requiring qualification every two years. To be fully effective it requires ongoing commitment rather than just occasional attention.

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> How the Program Operates

> What are the Benefits?

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How the Program Operates

The ‘train-the-trainer’ session ensures that all coaches and referees are upskilled in the correct techniques to develop confidence in contact amongst their players / members.

Coaches are required to cover this material in on-field sessions to players prior to the commencement of each season. Referees are required to understand the material and apply to the management of all games.

The techniques learnt are built into regular training and playing throughout the season, so that SmartRugby becomes an integral part of coaching and refereeing at your club, school or association.

A typical SmartRugby session of 2.5 hours includes the following:


Topic    Time
   Introduction    5 mins
   Technical Program    Balance & Stability    20-25 mins
   Tackle    30-35 mins
   Support at the Ruck & Maul    10-15 mins
   Scrum – Basic Safety    15-20 mins
   Mayday Procedure    5-10 mins
   Lineouts & Restarts    10-15 mins
   Foul Play    5 mins
   Pre Match Safety    5 mins
   Injury Management    5 mins
   Conclusion & Question Time    5-10 mins
   Sign Off & Administration    5-10 mins


What are the Benefits?

SmartRugby will only really have an impact if coaches and referees get behind it by learning about it, following its training techniques and ‘transferring the knowledge’ to players.

The benefits are many – not just fewer injuries, which makes for happier parents and players, and fewer coaching selection crises, but more effective tackles and scrums, and a greater focus of team effort at the breakdown, lineouts and restarts.
Qualification Details

SmartRugby is mandatory requiring qualification once every 2 years. It is the minimum requirement for every coach and referee participating in Rugby where there is a tackling component. From 2008, participants were able to re-qualify on the internet using the on-line resource.

SmartRugby participants receive a free booklet and CD-Rom upon attendance. Participants also receive a MyRugbyCard which outlines current coach and match official qualifications and accreditations (Please allow for 8 weeks delivery time).

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