Club Administrator

Running Rugby

The Running Rugby (RR) Club Administration / Volunteer Education Program comprises 6 short and practically focused learning areas – all of which have been specifically designed to provide Rugby specific information and training club administrators and volunteers.

These areas are:

  • Getting Ready for Another Season
  • My Club Volunteers
  • Effective Meetings and Being on a Committee
  • My Club Finances
  • Club Fundraising, Sponsorship and Grants
  • Rugby Services

Running Rugby has been adopted by the Australian Rugby Union, more information on Running Rugby and available resources can be found here.

Club Health Check

Queensland Rugby Union (QRU) actively seeks ways to recognise and reward Rugby Union clubs for their efforts in developing and promoting our sport.

We believe the development of our clubs is integral to the success of Rugby Union in Queensland.

This Club Health Check serves these purposes:

1. Allow QRU to identify strengths and weaknesses of our clubs enabling the development of programs to more appropriately address these areas.
2. Reward and recognise the club for taking a holistic approach to their club management

The aim of this check is to look at our clubs in 5 areas:

Examining the importance of retaining and recruiting players in the club

Looking at how you conduct club business and the key elements to ensure an organised club

Emphasizing the need to provide quality competitions, resources and opportunities for players, officials and coaches at clubs.

D. YOUR VOLUNTEERS (Coaches/Officials/Volunteers)
Examining the level of support your volunteers are offered.

Review of club sponsorship, fundraising and the awareness that the club generates about it’s activities.

It must be remembered that the mix across the basic principles is important for a club to be operating successfully.  This should be seen as an ideal measurement tool for which the clubs should strive for continuous improvement.

Further Information

If you have any additional questions, or want to speak to somebody about the QRU Club Health Check workbook, please call Queensland Rugby Union on (07) 3354 9333 to speak with Brent Hagen.