So, want to become a referee eh?


So your 13 years old and clearly you are going to be the next Bernard Foley or Sean McMahon and you’re wondering “why would I want to be a referee?”.

Good question!

The first time you referee a game you’ll probably be more relieved than excited after the game…. but you may well find yourself thinking back on the game afterwards, “that wasn’t so bad”.

Next game you’ll realise that you actually helped those U9 to U11’s have a great Saturday morning on the rugby field – and you had a great view of all the action.

By game three – you’ll have found yourself in the perfect position to make a crucial decision in a game – and you’re hooked.

Next week you’ll be back on the park as a player and you could find yourself taking advantage of a law you learned on the Ref’s course to advance your team 40m up the field.

And it all started when you went along to the Refereeing Kids Rugby course at MFAC on 6th March from 9am to 3pm.

  • Did the course – tick.
  • Passed the exam – tick
  • Registered with the Refs Association – tick.
  • Got my kit, whistles card etc – tick. Easy as!
  • Then get paid each weekend direct from the canteen before you leave – tick & yeah!

To start refereeing you need to complete the Refereeing Kids Rugby Course (if you are 13 +)  or the Level 1 Foundation Course (if you are 15+). If you are keen please email Steve Ryan at the Sunshine Coast Referees Association via and register. You’ll need to provide your Name, Contact details and date of birth. Note: You must be turning 13 or older in 2017 to referee.

See also our SCRRA web site: or our Facebook page:

Rob O’Donnell
Sunshine Coast District Rugby Referees Association

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