An opportunity to be a part of groundbreaking research on the Rugby pass


Passing is a fundamental skill in Rugby Union. Surprisingly, despite the importance of the pass and the sheer number of passes completed per game, there is little research on passing technique. The University of the Sunshine Coast’s Jessika Morris and Dr Mark Sayers are conducting research to increase our understanding on the key determinants of effective Rugby Union passing. The findings from these novel projects will provide support to coaching development pathways and coach education resources.

They are currently conducting 2 projects; an online survey, and an advanced biomechanical (technique) analysis. The survey has been created to investigate current players’ and coach’s beliefs on the key elements for effective passing (Ethics approval #: S/15/813). The survey consists of 7 questions, and should take no more than 5 minutes to complete. If you are a current Rugby coach or player (18+) and you would like to have your say on what effective passing is, please click on the link below to complete the survey.

Follow this link to the survey:

The second project is a 3D biomechanical analysis of the Rugby pass (Ethics approval #: S/16/976). They are currently recruiting participants for this study. They are looking for male and female Rugby Union halfbacks and/or backs from Senior and U18’s (no younger than 17), who are proficient passers (please no novices). The testing session will take approximately 1 hour per person and will occur in the fancy 3D Motion Laboratory at the University of the Sunshine Coast. During the session you will be asked to perform a number of passes under different passing conditions.

If you are interested in participating in the biomechanics study or are wanting more information on either project, please don’t hesitate to contact Jessika Morris on or 0431 609 239.capture


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