2017 Colts (U19) Survey


We’re looking at reinstating the Colts competition in 2017 and we want your feedback. If you were born in either 1998 or 1999 it would be hugely appreciated if you could please give up a couple minutes of your time to fill out the following questions. On behalf of the SCRU, thanks in advance!

Follow this link for the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/XMLXXH5



One thought on “2017 Colts (U19) Survey

  1. Have been going to a few games of the under 18 comp. Watching my son and mates at brothers games with my dad, and enjoying some great rugby.
    I’ve even managed to run the line at 3 games so far during the season.

    Having chatted with fellow spectators and parents before and after games , not while being lines man. And we all seem to agree that as parents we are trying to ensure they are stay fit and healthy. No injuries. That they are not in pubs, chasing girls and in trouble. Team environments cannot prevent this but can reduce it. Creating a safe fun club atmosphere for this age group may help attract more players. At Gympie the other week someone had music playing loud beside the game. This was a reserve grade game with heavy metal playing, now not a fan of metal, there was atmosphere created at this game. With out causing noise problems with rugby field neighbours, may be DJ music at games. Also if we get young ladies at games, we can attract the lads/players. Now this contradic’s girls and trouble in above paragraph. But if we get the girls the guys will come. Being an old licence’d club manager, this is always a marketing plane at a venue. However with this plan comes safety and security concerns.

    We are competing with an age that is mostly attracted to licence venues, party’s, girls and uni/work commitments. We need to appeal to them that we can offer a safe responsible environment that is appealing to them without creating a pub/nite club